Let's begin by emphasizing that in Italy the bar is an institution.

Whether it is for a quick coffee consumed at the counter or sitting down for a quick aperitif/lunch, every Italian at least once a day makes his or her obligatory stop at his or her favorite bar. It is a well-known fact that Italians are a people who are very attached to their traditions and customs, and for this reason, once they get attached to a particular place (bar, restaurant or supermarket...) they will always keep coming back. To be honest, it is not the physical place they are fond of but, mainly, the people who work there and the atmosphere they manage to create. Sitting at a bar table reading a newspaper or chatting with friends is one of the things Italians just can't give up. At the bar people chat, compare, discuss, make fun of each other and it's a bit like being in a family. In Imperia (Oneglia) there is a place that embodies all this, the MP2 bar will be able to offer you an excellent service and a welcome worthy of the Italian flavor, where the human relationship comes before the business.

Celebrare il calore e la generosità italiana, stuzzichini, bar MP2 Imperia
Celebrare il calore e la generosità italiana, il bar MP2, Imperia

The quality of service, coffees, desserts, appetizers and tasty snacks will keep you coming back again and again.

The MP2 bar best represents why Imperia is becoming, year after year, an increasingly popular destination, loved by Italians and non-Italians alike: a seaside town capable of providing an atmosphere rich in hospitality and local color. In the Riviera dei Fiori there are a multitude of small towns overlooking the sea, with an infinite choice for your vacations, but Imperia has a city identity quite distinct from the rest of the coast. Being in activity all year round, it is not only focused on mass tourism and this is the main element that drives many to spend short or long periods even in the winter months.

Il bar MP2 accoglie la gente del posto e i vacanzieri con uguale calore e generosità Italiana. Otterrete lo stesso trattamento e la stessa attenzione riservata a coloro che lo frequentano tutto l’anno!

The entire MP2 Bar staff offers excellent service, following the examples of Ale (short for Alessandro) and his father Paolo. In particular, we love the wine selection (having a weakness for Arneis and Traminer) and the delicious and generous appetizers that accompany the aperitifs. We, usually, stop by in the middle of the day (when Ale and Paolo are on duty).

bar MP2, Imperia, Celebrare il calore e la generosità italiana

The perfect reward after a stroll through the market you'll find every Wednesday and Saturday.

We fill up on artisan cheeses, fresh vegetables, and flowers, and before heading home with our purchases, a break at MP2 has become, by now, a ritual.

A true hidden talent...

Recently, we discovered that Ale (Alessandro Sapiolo) is a vocal coach and a singer! For those who are interested, next thursday (the first of July) you will be able to listen to him live at La Lampara in San Bartolomeo a Mare (about 10-15 minutes east of Imperia). We will be there for sure! For a taste of Ale's music, watch one of his videos: