An ideal location with an optimal climate

Located in the heart of the Riviera dei Fiori, Imperia enjoys a microclimate that provides more days of sunshine than almost any other city in Italy, a boast of which the city is proud. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing this picturesque seaside resort for short and long pleasant vacations, both in the summer and winter months.

The nearby border with France allows you to reach places like Nice and the Principality of Monaco in a short time by public transport. In addition, you can venture further north to the rich region of Piedmont to discover a unique gastronomic offer.

From Imperia heading east towards the Ligurian capital you will enjoy breathtaking views thanks to the presence of colorful villages on one side the blue sea on the other. Once you arrive in Genoa, you will discover an enchanting city full of attractions including the famous aquarium. From here you will reach in a short time the Cinque Terre with special trains. The historic center of the city is the dream of every photographer and also home of Christopher Columbus, discoverer of the new world. Translated with (free version)

Imperia Escapes
Imperia Escapes

The hill town of Cervo offers wonderful views of the sea.

Imperia Escapes

Fiery sunset skies can be seen frequently from the port of Oneglia in Imperia

Imperia Escapes

Mentone, il villaggio balneare francese saturo di colori si trova nelle vicinanze.

Valloria, Imperia, è il paese delle porte dipinte. Imperia Escapes

Valloria è un villagio stupito e potete trovarlo quaranta minuti (by car) da Imperia. Legga la storia qui!

All along the Ligurian coast

Once you arrive, after settling in, it will take only a short time to find yourself on the scenic bike path (which can also be followed on foot, of course) to recover from the trip.

Head west on Aurelia (the road that runs along the entire coast) to Sanremo, home of the famous Italian song festival. Go further to reach Ventimiglia with a stop at the famous Hanbury Botanic Gardens and, before reaching the French border, take a dip at the magnificent beach, Balzi Rossi.

The options seem endless!