Farinata di Ceci Is a revered culinary treasure in Liguria.

This savory dish is made from a batter of chickpea flour, water, and olive oil. Its roots are deep in the region’s culinary traditions alongside things like pesto and focaccia. And when you've tasted these Ligurian delicacies, you'll understand how simple things are also the best.

The recipe seems easy, but the process takes skill.

This is what I recently learned from an experience of preparing and baking farinata di ceci. You can't be asleep at the wheel once this giant chickpea-flour pancake enters the oven.

On a crisp Sunday evening, we headed for the hills above Imperia and into the home of welcoming friends. A wood-fired pizza oven, just steps from the front door, had already been fired up and brought to near-perfect cooking condition. I had just enough time to get ready to put my iPhone in video mode and start capturing the process from start to finish. The chickpea porridge batter was given one last thorough whipping and then added, along with the chopped green onions, to a giant, oiled metal plate. It was then slid very carefully into the most intense heat of the wood-fired oven.

As the cooking process began, I almost cooked my iPhone.

That’s right. I shoved my phone as close to the cooking farinata di ceci as possible. I wanted to catch the dish as it bubbled and sizzled. So I held it inside the oven until the heat became too much for my fingers. Yeah, anything to get the story and the picture, right? I guess my days of being the editor of the high school newspaper have stayed with me.

See for yourself farinata di ceci being made!

I had a great time putting together the following video to bring you, my followers, along for the adventure. I created it with great affection, not only for yet another culinary immersion experience but for these friends who have been so generous and welcoming.