You'll be amazed by this "open air museum."

This is how man people refer to the tiny village of Valloria, in Liguria. The strange thing is that few people seem to know about this treasure. In fact, after six months of living in Imperia I still did know about its existence. It's a village with less than forty residents, and I only learned about it through a "tip" of one of our guests who had visited the town.

More than 150 painted doors and windows.

There are many styles and genres of paintings that adorn the entrances of Valloria homes. In fact, you'll find realism, impressionism, surrealism, abstract and more. More than 100 artists, many of them famous, have contributed their talents to the project. Next to each door, you'll find a plaque explaining the painting and the artist who created it.

Valloria, Imperia, è il paese delle porte dipinte. Imperia Escapes

Valloria will lift your spirits and make you smile.

As I wandered through the narrow, sometimes winding streets, I came across inviting splashes of color and themes that also entertained me. The village is so well maintained that there is no room for clutter to distract from the abundant artwork.

To visit this Italian treasure is very easy.

Valloria is found less than forty minutes by car from Imperia, which is on the coast of Liguria. Parking isn't plentiful but I haven't yet heard of big crowds there. I believe this place is still pretty much a secret. The village has one restaurant which I've been told is very good. Therefore, you can have a leisurely visit that includes lunch. There is much art to see and you won't want to rush!

Valloria, Imperia, è il paese delle porte dipinte. Imperia Escapes

Join me for a quick video tour!

Creating this video as a small tribute to Valloria was a pleasure. And I'm ready to return to Valloria to see everything that I may have missed!

Valloria is another good reason to visit Imperia! Take a look at our beautiful apartments from Imperia Escapes for your next visit!